There are essentially two methods of cleaning or washing windows now days that professional window cleaning services use. They are WFPS and Traditional.

WFPS stands for Water Fed Pole System. This is without a doubt the most effective method for cleaning windows, however is not always practical. Especially  on lower smaller windows that can fit a squeegee and applicator(the “Traditional” method). Most window cleaning professionals employ both methods into their cleaning services, as do we.

Ultra Pure Water

One of the keys to a perfect window wash is ultra pure water. Having no oxidants in it it drys on your window leaving no streaks , runs or spots. Your windows are cleaned as perefctly as is possible according to the condition of your glass.

What if my windows have deteriorated over time from no regular cleaning?

Dont worry. A regular window cleaning schedule with our pure water window washing system will over monthly cleaning, help restore your glass’ appearance as the pure water dissolves off the oxidants and muck build-up over your windows and aluminium frames.