Why use our Solar Panel Cleaning Service?

These photovoltaic panels are in perpetual exposure to the elements and become natural targets of residue from surrounding industry and construction, pollution, dust, bird mess, algae and moss in some regions.

They are in need of our Solar Panel Cleaning Service to maintain efficient operation.

Frequently the deterioration of the solar panel surfaces themselves come from the very agents some use to clean the photovoltaic panels. These chemicals and/or soaps may give the panels an appearance of being clean but in reality are acting as an attraction for dirt and grime build-up. This results in poor performance as far as solar power generation goes with the solar rays not getting to the photovoltaic cells within the solar panel.

Additionally accumulation of dirts and grime may corrode and damage the Solar Panel and its materials. Hence regular cleaning of solar panels is a highly recommended especially if one lives on the coast or near industrial areas.

This brings us to why use PURE WATER?

Our Pure water cleaning system contains no chemical or additives that will attract grime or dirt. If the panels are maintained this Solar Panel Cleaning Service is more effective than any detergent based solution. It costs less. By using our Solar Panel Cleaning Service you can invariably extend the life of your solar panels as well as keep them up to 25% more efficient than a dirty Photovoltaic panel.

Research and data on Photovoltaic panels give evidence that the efficiency of panels not cleaned regularly can rapidly drop. Cleaning has been shown to drastically increase solar output.