Showroom Windows Cleaning Services

Without a doubt if there is one architectural area of Retail that is very Glass focused it is the Show Room. Cleaning and washing of Glass for a modern showroom can be quite a daunting task without the correct equipment.

Here at Reach and Wash we have the right equipment to make the glass of your showroom smile spotlessly!

We can also cater for what ever height your show room glass may extend up to. That is as long as the panels are 15 meters or less. I believe we can cover most show rooms in that case with our Showroom Windows Cleaning Service.

Our specialist cleaning brush head is designed with bristles that vary in stiffness at differing depths of pressure so we can remove thicker grit and dust buildup with the assistance of the Pure Water Jets in the Brush head.

If you are an Auto Dealership we encourage you to give us a call to quote you on a 3 monthly Cleaning Cycle of your windows and your pylons and Signs. We believe you will be most impressed with prices and most importantly; the spotless quality of our cleaning.