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Is the ocean air getting to your windows? Reach and Wash operate in your area and will clear up your views!
Window CleaningSoft Washing

Window Cleaning

Reach & Wash East London provides proven best-in-class, High Reach, High-Tech Window Cleaning services in the East London and surrounding areas.

We service both the Commercial and Residential sectors, up to 7 storeys.
Our system is perfect for even sensitive applications like Stained-glass or Solar Photovoltaic Panels.
We clean with ultra-purified water, so no chemical or other residue.

Soft Washing

Incredible Eco-friendly, low-pressure cleaning of: Roofs, Walls, Eaves and other surfaces

Soft Washing
uses a biocide that kills Algae, Mould, Lichens and other organic growths, including their spores, in seconds, and then turns to salt within an hour or so!
(Our clients call it Magic. We know it’s science)

Where possible, we perform the service without walking on the roof, protecting your tiles, and increasing safety.


Power-washing (pressure-cleaning) actually damages surfaces, stripping a layer and making a rougher surface that makes it easier for mould etc to grow. Especially since power washing doesn’t kill the spores, so they regrow faster.

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We provide professional cleaning services to the East London area and can cater for up to 7 storeys high.

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