East London

Window Cleaning, Softwashing & Covid-19 Disinfection Fogging

East London is renowned for its beauty throughout South Africa and provides some spectacular beach and river front living. However, Glass and Windows get hazy and misted from sea air within a month. We can fix that for you!

SoftwashingCovid-19 Disinfection

Geoff Ward_Able / Neil Fraser

East London & Surrounding Areas

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High-Reach Window Cleaning

Commercial & Residential



We provide

Professional Window Cleaning Services

to East London and Surrounding areas, catering for up to 4 storeys high without scaffolding or cherry pickers! (And even higher with cherry pickers)

East London provides some spectacular beach front & river view living. Gonubie, Nahoon, Bonnie Doon and Beacon Bay are renowned for their beauty and scenic appeal throughout South Africa. Glass and windows are hazy and misted from sea air within a month.

Some Benefits of our Window Cleaning Service:

  • We normally bring our own ultra-purified water.
  • We are Eco-Friendly (chemical-free, purified harvested rainwater)
  • We rarely use ladders or cherry-pickers (no scaffolding) which means no safety issues or damage to building finishes.
  • Work is done personally by the Owners themselves (Geoff and Neil) – peace of mind regarding who is accessing your property.
  • Fully Insured

Certified Covid-19 Disinfection

Covid-19 Disinfection Fogging Service:

  • We are Trained, Equipped and Certified for Environmental Cleanup with a specific focus on Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus).
  • Some unscrupulous individuals are milking the fear of the public and charging exorbitant rates. We find this abhorrent. You will be very pleasantly surprised by our fees.
  • We use imported ULV Fogging Machines that atomise the Disinfectant to produce a fine fog that penetrates nooks and crannies and coats all surfaces with a protective layer that lasts for a week (if not cleaned off with other chemicals)
  • Our Disinfectant is Food-Grade, non-staining, safe for Offices, Medical Rooms, Hospitals, Food Production areas, Residences etc. (QAC (Quaternary Ammonium Compound) is highly effective against tough viruses like Parvovirus, as well as Coronaviruses, Bacteria and Fungi)
  • We provide a Certificate proving that the premises has been treated.
  • Our service complies with WHO, CDC and EPA guidelines to ensure the best possible protection and reasonable area targeting.
  • Work is done personally by the Owners themselves (Geoff and Neil) – peace of mind regarding who is accessing your property.

We do Fogging as it is the most effective system. Fogged areas are can be entered safely within 1/2 an hour after treatment. (See *** below for details)



*** (Sanitizing, Spraying and Fumigating are different methods and are not the correct approach against Coronavirus contamination)

Sanitizing: Using 70% Alcohol is only effective for the 30 seconds that the surface or hands are wet. As soon as an infected person coughs or touches anything it is reinfected!

Spraying: Wets surfaces with a large-particle spray. Not for indoor/office use. High potential to damage equipment.

Fumigation: Uses highly toxic gas or chemicals that make the area unsafe for 24 hours or more.



New Service

We provide

Professional Roof, Wall and Paving Cleaning Services

No more wasting water and damaging your roof tiles or wall surfaces!

Our Eco-Friendly solution “works like magic” (According to our clients!)

Normal Power-washing (High-pressure Cleaning) actually strips off the top layer of tiles, paving etc, peels paint and generally damages the surfaces.
Our Low-pressure, low water usage (East London’s dams are still critically low!!) and Eco-friendly solution kills mould, algae and lichens and their spores, preventing regrowth for much longer.