Window Cleaning Services for Modern Developments


Window cleaning services is probably one of the most underrated business opportunities in the world; regardless of where you live. It is many a man’s livelihood for him and his family in affluent places and business/commerce areas in Europe, England, America, Canada and probably others I do not know about.

But what about Window Cleaning in South Africa??

Places like Johannesburg have had a marked amount of increase in this business opportunity. There are many overlooked places though. Pietermaritzburg, the capital of KwaZulu-Natal is one of these area’s. This opens up the opportunity to acquire window cleaning and washing work in the Midlands area’s, Howick, Hilton etc etc. Just Pietermaritzburg alone has enough work to sustain several window cleaning business opportunities.

Then Durban presents massive opportunities for window cleaning services. A well structured business that is efficient and customer focused would quickly acquire work on many Eco-estates North and South of the City. Just think of the Dolphin Coast. Immediately you have the renowned Zimbali Estate, which in itself is an entire business opportunity alone for a well equipped Window Cleaning Company. Within a stones throw of Zimbali you have the Seaward Estate, Brettenwood Estate near Sheffield Beach area.

A quick drive north lands you in Prince Grant Estate near Stanga. Just another great opportunity for a Window Cleaner in the North Coast area of close enough to service North Coast, Ballito, Zinkwazi etc.

Knowledge is power they say, so the biggest hurdle to starting out in Window Cleaning is not knowing what equipment one needs. Additionally a lot of the required equipment is not known of here in South Africa.

  • So what brands should one buy?
  • What is most popular?
  • What is most durable?
  • What size water pump is required?

This is all research Reach and Wash has made already and purchased for themselves. I, Graham, had the advantage of being exposed to window cleaning in London for a time and managed to get a good idea of what I would also need to get started here. I also happened to be friends with one of the best Window Cleaning Services in Pietermaritzburg, KZN area’s; Latham Window Cleaning Services. David kindly let me work along with him many times to get a grasp on quoting and pricing for window cleaning here in Pietermaritzburg, and hence that pricing structure has helped us for our pricing of services rendered in Ballito, Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Pinetown currently.

Latham Window Cleaning

Reach and Wash owes its start up mostly to Latham Window Cleaning services in Pietermaritzburg. And if you are in Pietermaritzburg and need windows cleaned on any building up to 4 levels give David a call. Contact him here.


Hillcrest, Durban, Coastal, and PMB Work that is above 4 story’s just give Graham a call from Reach and Wash, 081 406 9499