Window Cleaners in Ballito

If you live in the Ballito and surrounding area’s Reach and Wash Window Cleaning services can clean your windows. Ballito / The Dolphin Coast area is quite mixed now as far as Commercial and Residential areas go, with many shopping mall’s and mini factories. Additionally there many vehicle dealerships which would benefit from our Reach and Wash window washing system. The pure water used in the cleaning process leaves the window streak free and spotless.

At the time of development of this website we were asked to clean windows of two houses on the Brettenwood Estate, Brettenwood lake. Even though these two houses on the Eco-estate were not right on the coast line with direct Sea facing glass the salty residue build-up was quite remarkable.

Aluminium Window Frames Corroding

I have noticed on the coastal areas that the window frames themselves need regular maintenance. Regular window cleaning with the Reach and Wash system we use keeps the window frames; be they wood or aluminium; in great shape, complimenting beautiful glass panes.

Contact us for a quote. We know the Ballito area pretty well and can give you a reasonably accurate estimate without actually physically seeing your home.